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How to Clean Sheetrock Mud

You love your home so much that you don't want any dirt to get into it. You do your cleaning almost every day with sweeping the floor, washing dishes, keeping your furniture free from dust and repairing some unwanted damages, but there are instances where you would hire someone to do the dirty work for you. You wouldn't want to clean your roof gutters because it's too dangerous for you climbing up the roof. To avoid having to read this article any further, place a drop cloth down on the area in which you will be working. However, if you are reading this article, you probably forgot that step. Oops!


If you choose to repair drywall by yourself, there will be an unwanted mess no matter how careful you are with the repairs. Drywall compound falling on your carpet is not a big deal. There is a quick and easy solution to this dilemma. You should know how to clean sheetrock mud off a carpet to save your carpet from dilapidation. There are a few tricks on mending this situation, and it is going to be easy for you to do with a little patience and knowledge.


Drywall repair involve sanding and the use of joint compound. Joint compound is water-based and easy to clean up even when it turns into hard-rock lumps as it dries out. A joint compound on the carpet is easier to clean because it has no colorant unlike paint. You could stomp on it when it's fully dried and then vacuum it. This is one way to clean sheetrock mud off a carpet.

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You will need rags, a vacuum cleaner, a scraper, and a spray bottle to clean the mud off your carpet. If there are excess drywall and if it is still wet, scrape or wipe up and discard it in the trash. Using a light-colored rag, wet the carpet and turn it frequently keeping the carpet damp. To prevent the drywall compound to work deeper into the carpet fibers, do not scrub the damp carpet with your rag. Wait for the damp carpet to dry up before you vacuum it with a dust brush attached to the vacuum. This will loosen and pick up some of the drywall compound debris. When the drywall compound is dried, try to pull it off or crush it with your hand. If all else fails you can stomp on it. You can use a pointed scraper to loosen the remaining chunks and particles of the dried drywall compound. It is probably best to use a professional grade shop-vac instead of your home vacuum cleaner.

If there is a lot of remaining drywall mud in the carpet, use a wet rag to dampen the area. You can use a spray bottle of water. To soften the mud, cover it with a wet rag for about twenty minutes. Turn the rag frequently while blotting the mud until you cannot see any white marks on it. Then vacuum the carpet once it has dried.

These are a few tricks on how to clean sheetrock mud off a carpet using the composition of a drywall compound as an advantage because it is water-based as mentioned above. Now that you know how to clean sheetrock mud off a carpet, you can use these simple steps to clean mud off of anything in your home.


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