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Mixing Joint Compound

Mixing Drywall Compound

There are many companies who manufacture or distribute drywall compounds; however with mixing drywall compound there are only three types of this material. One is the all-purpose drywall compound. This substance may be used to tape and is also utilized for its consistency. This may be used for coating the drywall as well; however, it reduces more in terms of size and necessitates firmer rubbing down with sandpaper. The topping drywall compound is another type and is used for the initial and second coating. It does not reduce in size as much as the all-purpose type. Moreover, it does not necessitate very hard sanding like the first type. The quick set drywall compound can be purchased in bags since it is in the form of powder that is combined with water. It varies when it comes to drying from five minutes to about 210 minutes. As soon as it begins to set, it just continues and is a type that is very tough to rub down with sandpaper.

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Mixing Drywall Compound

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Mixing Drywall Mud

When it comes to mixing drywall compound that is a drywall mud, gently shake the box so the mud would fall into the other container where it will be mixed. The texture of the mud would be very chunky. Add in a little water contingent to the thinness in consistency preferred. A way to mix the mud is to use a mud masher. Another way is to make use of a mud paddle and hand drill that may be connected to an outlet for power. The outcome when mixing drywall compound of this type should be smooth and free of any chunks.

Top off the mud to keep it pure

Topping off the mud is a method that generates a type of liquid seal to maintain the freshness of the material. As soon as the water is sealed it can stay fresh up to half a month. After wiping down the sides of the container dispense some water and then scrub the sides of the container or bucket. Once this container of mud is sealed it can be used again within two weeks. Since it has been topped off, it will not dry up.

Mixing the quick-set drywall compound or hot mud

In an empty bucket or container, dispense some water first. Gently pour in a little of the quick-set drywall compound powder. Stir continuously with the use of a keyhole or pad knife. Check the consistency every so often and when it thickens, pour in a little amount of water. When the mixture thins out, add in a little powder to obtain the right texture. As soon as the mixture becomes smooth and has the right consistency, it is ready to be used for coating the drywall. As mentioned, the mixture may set in variably. Contingent to the time it will take to dry up, time must not be spent too much in mixing up the compound. This drywall compound may be purchased with all varying drying times contingent to the needs of the customer.

These are the different types of drywall compound that can be found on the market. Speak to a professional at your local hardware store to choose the best type of drywall for you.


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