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The white, marbled countertops are installed in both full bathrooms.  They are installed fairly easily, attaching to the cabinets already put in place.

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What Types of Sink Basins are Available?

Whether you are building a brand new house or simply want to replace a sink basin, there are several factors to consider. By fully considering all the aspects of a sink basin, you will be able to achieve the look that you desire. There are various options when choosing a new sink basin. Your main options are top mount, under mount, vessel sink, farmer's sink and Butler's sink. One way to categorize sink basins is based on how they are mounted, installed or positioned.

Top Mount Sink Basins

Top mount sink basins are also known as self-rimming sink basins. As the term "top mount" implies, the self-rimming sink basins are mounted from the top of the counter wherein a hole is made. The sink's rims will be responsible for it to stay in place. It is fair to say that top mount sinks are suspended on counters through their rims. Using a seal or a clamp becomes optional. Its main advantage is that it is easy to install. The top mount sink basins are normally made from ceramic, steel, copper and granite and can be placed in various types of counters.

Under Mount Sink Basins

The under mount sink basins are also known as bottom mount basin sinks. As the name implies, the under mount sink basins are put in place from below the counter. A hole is made in the counter or any substrate material. Normally, under mount sink basins need a clamp or a sealant. The silicone-based materials are the ones that are commonly used because it helps in making the edges or the space between the counter and sink water-resistant. For metal counters and sink basins, welding is a much better option.

The bottom mount sink basins are more complex to install and are prone to leaks but a lot of individuals prefer them. One main reason is its modern style and cleaner result. There are no rims that are visible when you look at the top of the counter. However, the under mount sink basins are usually more expensive.

Vessel Sink

The vessel sink basin is also known as the free standing sink basin. It sits directly on a counter or any furniture with its entirely visible to everyone. It is usually preferred by designers for bathrooms because of the contemporary style. It comes in various shapes and sizes.

Farmer's Sink

The farmer's sink basin is set on a counter top. This type is known for its depth. In fact, one will need to literally reach over to use a farmer's sink basin. A farmer's sink can be recognized from other deep sink basins with the way it is installed and counter used to hold it. A farmer's sink basin is mounted on a counter that has a side lower than the other three sides so that the front side of the sink basin is exposed.

Butler's Sink

The butler's sink basins are rectangular in shape, but the rim is round shape. They are normally made from ceramic and are further divided into types namely Belfast and London butler's sink. An average Belfast butler's sink is about 15-inch deep. The latter is originally shallower than the former but this is not manifested nowadays. However, there is still a way to differentiate the two. The Belfast butler's sink basins have a blocker for overflowing water. The weir ensures that the spilled water is drained to the waste water container.

There are five main types of sink basins that are available based on how they are installed and how they look. The top mount sink basins are the easiest to install. They are deep and the rims are the only ones exposed. The bottom mount sink basins are somewhat complex to install but they give a better and modern look since there are no rims exposed. The farmer's, butler's and vessel sink are modern types and they are made to look gorgeous because one side (or more in the case of vessel sink basin) is exposed. The butler's sink is much like the farmer sink except for having the weir system.

Now that you know more information about the different types of sink basins available, when it comes time for your final decision you will be prepared to make the right choice for your home.


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