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With modern technology at our disposal, we are able to use Google maps to see our home site and the surrounding area in great detail.  We are building in an urban area, but are fortunate enough to be against a large naturalized preserve that extends for miles.  Google Earth, Google Maps and other tools like this are great for getting a good feel for the area you would like to relocate to and the distance you will travel for groceries, shopping, entertainment and work. 

Things We Learned Along The Way

How Accurate/Updated Is Google Maps?

Google Maps is very important especially when it comes to plotting various directions and also if you want to have updated data for your home. Of course, you cannot set aside the fact that there might be some inconsistencies in the data. To avoid these differences, Google decided to allow Google Maps users to change the position of their markers every time they use the street view. This means that you will not only have access to various locations and satellite images, but you will also have the ability to update your markers as need be. Google updates their maps once or twice a month. This ensures you can always find new locations, roads and businesses in a timely manner.

It can really be frustrating for a person who is trying to find the right spot for home construction and not able to locate the same location. Here are the easy steps on how to navigate accurately through Google Maps. First, just click on the map indicator and open the information window. Second, choose the "edit link" option. This will open several choices. Third, if you see the "move indicator" link in the new information window, just click on that and the problem will be fixed.

Searching for the perfect neighborhood to live in entails proper planning and ample research regarding the area. Use Google Maps to find the location of schools, hospitals, medical clinics and even pharmacies, which are closest to the location of your potential home. With the latest innovations done with Google Maps, you will be able to find the perfect location for all the places you are searching. Transferring to a new neighborhood has its advantages especially if the area is peaceful and just right for family living.

You should take your time when finding a location for building a home. You cannot just decide to live in a particular area immediately. There are various factors, which you must consider like your family's safety and security, the crime rate in the area and the type of education system that is being provided for your children. Most people say that living in the countryside is a lot better than city living, but this would actually depend on you.

Consider the prices of the properties in the area as well as the cost of living. Google Maps can show you where to find the closest Chamber of Commerce in the locality. You just have to type the name of the establishment in Google Maps and the marker will direct you to the exact spot where you can find the company you are looking for. This is the best locator ever invented! Google has its ways of making things easier for internet users.

The maps are also effective if you are searching for lending institutions that can provide financial support for your proposed project. Building a home is not an easy project especially if your funds are short and you know that you are in need of a larger amount to pay for the construction materials and labor expenses. You will definitely need the assistance of financial companies for you to finish your house.


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