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Our Experience When Buying Land

Sold! That simple, bold exclamation begins our journey to home ownership, amplified by the excitement of building a brand new home from scratch. The process of finding a builder, a neighborhood and ultimately going through the entire construction process is as daunting as it is fun. Your lot will be your "land" and you will enjoy all of the rights of land ownership that free people have shared for many generations.

You need to remember that this is most likely a lifelong commitment for both you and your family. If your child has an allergy to pine trees and there is a large volume of pine trees in the area, get ready for breathing problems. If you buy a lot next to a golf range, get ready to buy new windows. I guess what I'm trying to say is to take some time to survey the lot over several days. Never jump at buying land. Don't let a Realtor took you into a piece of property. For ever lot there are 10 more with better services available.

You will have neighbors and covenants as well as responsibilities to your home, family and community that only home ownership can truly help you realize and fulfill. Your house will be your place of refuge, shelter and in time, your family's homestead where no one in the world can harm them and fond memories are recalled by the very mention of the word "Home".

We found a nice plat and there were many thriving familes in the area. It just seemed to fit us, so we bought homesite #59.

Things We Learned Along The Way

How Do You Buy A Parcel of Land In The U.S.?

Purchasing less expensive parcels of land in the United States is a very good way to invest your money. This kind of investment is very productive because the value of land properties does not depreciate. If you hold the asset for years and decide to sell it in the future, you will see that the potential is there to actually gain a huge amount of money from your property. As the population in the any state increases, there will always be a corresponding increase in the number of people who would want to purchase parcels of land.

Techniques in Buying Land for Home Construction

1. If you know the owner of the property, it would be best to buy straight from him. You should know that the purchase price of any property increases because of the presence of middlemen like a real estate agent. The real estate commission is quite high nowadays. If you are paying in cash, it would be best to go for a direct purchase, especially if you have friends in the area who are willing to help you locate a nice property.

2. You can always avail the services of a financial or lending institution. Their services come in handy when your budget is low and you have already decided to reside in a particular state and build your own house in that area. The cost of rent could be quite high. It would be beneficial in the long term if you purchase a house. However, you must be prepared to pay interest on your loan and that would be an added cost on your part.

3. The World Wide Web is a very good source of information. You can easily search for real estate properties online. In fact, some websites also publish the price of said parcels of land. There are online brokers who are willing to help you out with these types of transactions. If you do not know anyone in the area, it would be best to consult brokers because they have a long list of properties for sale.

4. Once you have determined which state you are going to purchase the real estate property in, you can check the local newspapers for advertisements regarding existing properties for sale to gage the market. Buying a parcel of land is not subject to theft or loss due to fire. Thus, it would really be wise for you to invest your savings in land.

5. For individuals who are engaged in the buying and selling of real estate properties, they would always go for the "per acre" deals and not the "per parcel" kind of transactions. If you are going to buy the land on a "per parcel" basis, you will see that the price becomes more expensive. This technique has been used by realtors and land investors and it has been proven to be very effective.

Purchasing land takes a lot of planning, especially if you intend to build your home within the said property and to reside there for good. You should also take note of some important matters. Property taxes vary from state to state. Proper research is needed to determine which state you will get the most for your money and be the most affordable. The prices of properties vary depending on the state where said land is located. Naturally, if you are going to buy properties in expensive states like New York, you should expect that the price will be very high. On the other hand, if you choose to buy from suburban areas, the price of land will be lower.

Whatever reasons you have for buying a parcel of land, you have nothing to lose in this investment. The value of land is sure to increase in the future and you will gain a lot of advantage for your investment. After all, land is not something that anybody can make more of!


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